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How To Design A Logo In 10 Simple Steps

A strong brand identity is incredibly important, and with that a strong logo can really help your company stand out from the competition. It should be memorable and allow a potential customer to pick you out in a crowd.

“But we are a small company? Why would WE need a logo?”

  • Good question. Companies with logos look more professional and build trust with potential clients. Ask yourself: Would you trust a company to work with YOU if they didn’t have a logo?
  • Remember that all those multi-million pound companies out there started just like you did. With an idea and a passion for what they do. Possibly they had the foresight to have a logo designed which meant they stood out from their competitors and ensured customers came back again and again.
  • Brand loyalty builds businesses (like yours).

“Eh? But I thought my brand IS my logo?”

Your Logo is NOT your Brand (repeat this to yourself).

  • LOGO is visual shorthand to help your company be recognised instantly
  • Your BRAND represents your values
  • For example, “Dark Iris is a graphic design business who is friendly, adaptive, and wants to make the world brighter through design”. Your logo can work as shorthand to your brand values.

I’ll help explain this further as you work your way through this checklist (it shouldn’t taken more than about 30 minutes) and it will help you decide what you need from your logo and how to create your brand.



10 Steps to a Perfect Logo Design

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