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The Design Process Guide

Whether you are designing something simple (a postcard) or more complicated (a brochure) the design process is the same…

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

So you need a new project designed?

First we discuss what you want to achieve by using a Design Brief sheet to help you decide what you are looking for.

  • I then send you a free no-obligation quote detailing exactly what will be designed. If you also requested a print quote I will explain what paper stock/finishes have been chosen to work best with your job.
  • Everything is quoted separately and is in plain-english (no jargon!).The design fee includes 1 set of authors amends from you (i.e changing text/layout) once you have seen the first PDF draft.
  • If you are happy with the quote, either sign and fax back the quote or pop your approval to proceed onto an email. I will then get in contact to arrange a deposit of 30% of the design fee. We then progress to Stage 2… (the fun bit!)

Now for the fun stuff: the design process begins!

You supply any files I will need to get started (i.e text for your brochure, your contact details, a high res logo etc).

  • I get started on the design and send you a first draft as a low resolution PDF via email. If your project needs stock imagery, I don’t purchase anything until you are 100% happy with the choice of low-res image.
  • Once you receive the PDF you decide if there are any amends to be made (i.e colours, font sizes, textual changes). This first set of authors amends is included in your design fee. Usually 1 set of amends is all that is needed and we progress to stage 3.

WOW! Your new project is really coming to life!

By now your project is almost finished. It’s time to check final details (proofreading etc) and ensure you are happy with the job as a whole.

  • You will need to approve the artwork in writing before the final artwork is released to make sure you are 100% happy with it.
  • Once the project is approved I then send you final web or print ready artwork (in whatever format you need it in).
  • If Dark Iris is arranging to print the job for you, I will get in contact to arrange for payment of the job before we go to print.

Now sit back and relax, I will let you know when your job will be delivered.

And thats the rough process! Simple eh?


A Guide to the Design Process

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The Design Process Guide
The design process guide
The design process guide


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A simple guide on how the design process works

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A Guide to the Design Process

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