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The simple answer to that is YES!

I’ve been looking for a way to schedule my instagram posts for a while. Thank goodness I found Latergram. I can setup all my Instagram posts in Photoshop (I’m a graphic artist so I tend to post a lot of screengrabs of my work, or mockups rather than photos)

I can upload them to Latergram, add the caption and a few relevant hashtags and drag and drop them onto the calendar at the right time.

I then get a notification on my ipad or iphone when the image is ready to post. Latergramme has copied the caption to the clipboard. I then open Latergramme, it opens the image in Instagram. I paste the caption in the box and BAM its done. I then add some additional hashtags in the comments box below.

This means I can schedule out a week of posts, and use my time for something more productive, like actually working and earning money!

Currently the FREE option gives you 30 posts a month, but if you follow the link below and signup – we both get an additional 10 posts a month – thank you!


EDIT: I’m also now using Planogram – this is similar to Latergram above except I can see my posts in order and drag them and drop them to Plan out (see what they did with the name there!)  how they will look on my instagram feed.

Check them out here:


How does Latergram work? Is Planogram any good?

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