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A Free Guide On How To Markup A PDF

A step-by-step guide to help you speed up your design project by using some simple tools to ‘mark-up’ on the artwork where you would like changes to be made…

  1. Open the PDF using Adobe Reader Download the most recent free version from
  2. From the ‘View’ menu, select Comment > Annotations This may vary depending on what system you are on – but look for something similar to this
  3. In the panel that appears, click on the little yellow speech bubble (Sticky Note)
  4. Click where you want to make a change and type your amends in the white box that appears If its a large chunk of text that needs changing you can copy and paste it into this box
  5. Too many sticky notes? You can minimise each box by clicking in the top right hand corner, or double click the speech bubble to reopen the text area
  6. Highlight text You can use the ‘Highlight Text’ tool to highlight specific words, or even whole paragraphs
  7. Save the PDF and email it back!

How to mark up a PDF in Acrobat

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