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You might be wondering why a graphic design site is reviewing Now TV. Basically because it keeps me sane! I work from home and Now TV is amazing because I get to watch pretty much anything I fancy from their huge archive while I work. Throw in the fact you get Game of Thrones and most of the Sky One, Sky Atlantic content for about £7 a month instead of £30-£40 with a Sky subscription. You can even watch the entertainment channels LIVE, so we get Game of Thrones as soon as its on!

They often have entire season boxsets to watch. I just watched 4 seasons of Veep (which is just brilliant). You can also add up to 4 devices so one person can watch on a Now TV box downstairs, while someone else watches on an ipad in another room. We have a second box upstairs and its still only £7 a month for all 4 devices!

You can add favourite shows to a watchlist, to easily access all the shows you love in one place.

My favourite feature though is this: Start watching on a TV upstairs. Pause the show. Go downstairs, open up the NOW TV app on your ipad or TV and the show remembers where it was paused from.

Seriously, give it a go – its well worth a trial. Just grab a NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass and you’ll get over 250 box sets and 11 channels not on Freeview, including the best Sky channels like Sky Atlantic. Best of all there are no long term contracts so you can cancel at any time.

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*NowTv might change the offer from time to time, so follow the link to see what they are offering right now. I will get a referral fee if you use my code.

Now TV: Review and 50% off discount code

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