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Do you need an eyecatching brochure design?

Let me talk you through the stages, calm your worries and get you to contact me for a quote!

Catering brochure design
Rent Poster Design
Council Newsletter Design
Online Poster Design
Funday Poster Design


When you’ve decided that you would like a free quote, simply email me with a few simple details, including size, number of pages, target audience, date required (deadline) etc.

  • If you have any existing materials you would like to match, please send me an example.
  • Not sure how many pages the finished product will have? Send me the Word file you are creating and I can let you know an estimated page count.
  • If you can supply high res (300dpi) images or if you would like me to source stock images, please let me know.
  • If you would like a print quote too, just let me know roughly what quantity you need. I request quotes from several trusted printers (who I have worked with for years) so I can achieve the best value for money for you.


After you send me the first email, I usually respond with a few questions that will help me to send you an accurate quote. Once I get your reply, I will send you a quote via email.

  • All quotes break down exactly what is included, total costs and show VAT (if applicable)
  • All quotes include one set of authors amends. This means after you see the first proof, the first set of amends you make are included in the cost.
  • After approval of the quote I get started. This is the fun bit!


We agree a date that I will send the first PDF proof to you. I get started on the design and keep you updated.

  • If the project has a lot of pages (like a brochure) I can send you a sample front cover and a double page spread, before I start the whole document, to ensure we are on the right track. If you happy with these samples, I carry on and create the whole document.
  • Any stock images I source will be low res at this stage and will be watermarked until you are happy with my choice of image.
  • When I send you the first draft PDF I also send a simple guide on how to mark-up the PDF with your amends. This saves us both time as you don’t have to spend hours typing out lists of amends such as ‘on the second paragraph, third line down, please change the capital P to a lower case p’. All of my current clients use this technique as it’s easy to pinpoint your amends with minimal effort.
  • After you have sent your amended PDF back to me, I make the changes, purchase the stock images (if you are happy with my choice), put them in place and send you a higher resolution PDF for you to approve.
  • You approve the proof via email, and I then send you a high res PDF with bleed and crop-marks ready to be sent to a professional printer, or I arrange the printing for you.

That’s your new brochure designed. Simple!

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